Aussie gets a parking ticket for parking in his own driveway?

What's Fresh 15/12/2017

A Sunshine Coast man has been left fuming after returning home to find an AU$94 (NZ$102) ticket for parking in his own driveway.

ABC reports Reese Gerhard, of Birtinya, discovered the fine on Sunday for "restricting access to driveway" while his car was parked outside his house in the driveway.

Mr Gerhard says his car was definitely parked correctly but the council told him to pay the fine or head to court.

Speaking to the Sunshine Coast Daily he said he's "just ropeable" about the fine and said it's very difficult for him to park in the driveway without technically crossing the boundary.

"It is just wrong. I've parked my car as close to my garage door as possible and it still goes past my letterbox," he said.

"And what is worse, council say that they will continue to hand out fines unless we change where we park.

The council said in a statement the photo Mr Gerhard provided to media does not show the full story, and the car was in a different position when the fine was issued.

"The vehicle in question was parked at the lower end of the driveway and was compromising the nature strip and safe pedestrian passage," a spokesperson said.  

"The nature strip is defined as the area between the road and adjacent private property boundary, which normally begins at the property's letterbox, and includes any section of driveway within this area.

"Council is legally required to enforce this legislation."  

It is not known whether Mr Gerhard intends to pay the fine without contest or take it to court.