When you thought it couldn’t get any hotter… it will

What's Fresh 04/12/2017

Near-record heat continues across the country, with almost every region reporting unseasonably high temperatures. 

Ranging from 1degC or 2degC above the norm in the North Island, to a scorching 8degC above average in Central Otago, this summer is on track to break records as our hottest and driest. Some regions were reporting almost 30degC weather at 11am on Sunday.

Phillip Duncan from WeatherWatch tells Newshub the temperatures nationwide are unusual and we are experiencing midsummer extremes for long periods far earlier than expected.

"Temperatures of eight degrees above average in Central Otago for extended periods are well outside the norm."

Mr Duncan says the high temperatures might be welcomed by beachgoers but bad news for farmers, with crops and livestock suffering in the extended dry heat. 

WeatherWatch says the high temperatures may be here to stay, with a brief cool-down for some mid this week, and the heat returning by the end of next week.

High temperatures have driven extreme weather events across the country in the past few weeks, including flash flooding in Roxburgh, which closed roads and forced people from their homes. 

Mr Duncan says the extremes in weather we are experiencing are at least partially due to climate change.