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New 110km speed limits for these roads in Aotearoa

What's Fresh 24/11/2017

Speed limits of 110km/h will kick in next month on two stretches of New Zealand roads.

From December 11, Tauranga Eastern Link Toll Road (SH2) and the Cambridge section of the Waikato Expressway (SH1) will see the new speed limits.

The roads are two of the safest in New Zealand, NZTA director of safety and environment Harry Wilson said.

There have been no fatalities on either of the roads since they opened.

The two roads are multi-lane highways with safety features including wide shoulders, median barriers and barriers on the left to stop vehicles running off the roads.

The new speed limits have been welcomed by the AA.

"New Zealanders expect speed limits that sensibly reflect a road's risk and these are two of the safest roads in the country so it makes sense to raise the speed limit on these roads," said AA motoring affairs general manager Mike Noon.

But Mr Noon said people shouldn't feel pressured to drive 110km/h or see speed limits as a target.

"The speed limit is the maximum speed you can travel in ideal conditions and in some situations you will find that you need to drive significantly slower than the posted speed limit."

Those who want to travel slower than the new limit should keep left so that the right lane remains free for fast moving vehicles.

Heavy vehicles and cars that are towing will continue to be limited to travelling 90km/h.