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Mark Hunt goes in on a tattoo artist for a crack up tattoo fail!

What's Fresh 09/11/2017

It's not a new thing for people to get a tattoo of a famous person on them, but this one of Mark Hunt is pretty crack up.

Obviously, it's always a good idea get a tattoo from an artist that actually knows what they're doing, especially when it's of Mark Hunt. 

Mark Hunt's known for telling it like it is, just like the time he rips into Nickson: 

The Simpson-like tattoo only features seven toes, and Mark had a few words regarding the tat: 

Listen kids I love the thought, and it's flattering but please check with your parents and make sure the tattoo artist is good.

...whoever did this tattoo needs a hiding for putting this on someone's skin. 

The comments on the post are funny as too, here's a couple:

Broken leg?

You look like a character out of streetfighter here.

Looks like a fecking Simpson.

Felt pen?