Getty Images & @andelelara

This Instagram model is pretty much Rihanna 2.0

Hip Hop Hollywood 10/10/2017

Celebrity doppelgängers seem to be everywhere at the moment, and it’s blowing our minds how similar Instagram model Andele Lara looks to Rihanna!

Andele was first discovered after appearing on the Instagram feed of makeup artist Patrick Star. 

After the post went up on Patrick’s Insta, Andele has been blowing up and now has over 70k followers on Instagram!

It’s crazy how people like Andele can make a career from looking similar to a celebrity, just like this Michael Jackson Impersonator

We can guess it’ll be pretty easy for Andele to figure out who she wants to be for Halloween…

After scrolling through Andele’s feed, she’s undoubtedly become Riri 2.0, check out some of our favs below: