Blac Chyna's mum, Tokyo Toni, loses her sh-- at Tyga after his interview

Hip Hop Hollywood 22/07/2017

After Tyga appeared on The Breakfast Club to discuss his split with Kylie Jenner and the whole Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna saga, Chyna's crazy mum dropped straight back into the mix, posting a giant essay on her Instagram going OFF at Tyga.

'Even you !!!!' Tokyo Toni started. 'want to use Angie !!!! B*tch it is no reason to talk about her on nothing!!!! Didn't support heron anything else but now you come on the radio her name is the first thing that come out your mouth hollow chain wearing f**k!!!!! She had a good life!!!!! you keep her name in your mouth b*tch she don't want you trust me Find one person to back up this statement otherwise i'm going to sue you for defamation of my f**king character!!!!!! Right after I defended your b*tch ass this is what you do trick.'

She then posted a couple lines worth of emojis before launching straight back into it.

'I raised her very well b*tch! Say what "you fame wanting punk a** n*gga! You need not say sh*t period b*tch boy" down low "I see where they went to now!!! See this is a fact this is what needs to be the main topic of your deep heisted discussion on any radio show " Lets see your your return receipts!!!! Your discussion needs to be about how to stop the f***ing kids" That wake up and move on before they get R Kelly peed on! You have a nerve to open that loud " hollowed out throat " Look sissy boy with the uncircumcised d**k or so I hurt from the people over there. The day you get one person to back you your word on my kid life I will erase all anger."

Tokyo Toni then gets a lot more explicit - you can peep the details below thanks to The Shade Room.