Tom Hardy's dog died so he wrote the most emotional letter ever

Hip Hop Hollywood 12/06/2017

It's always a sad day when a beloved pet passes away. They were there for you during your darkest days, and celebrated with tail wags when you were happy. They missed you when you were gone, and couldn't get enough of you when you were around.

Pets are family, which makes it hard for anyone to have to say goodbye to family.

Recently, English actor Tom Hardy lost his best mate and dog Woody Woodstock Yamaduki Hardy, better known as Woodstock Hardy, or even just Woody for short.

Woody was a stray puppy in 2011 when he was rescued by Hardy, and accompanied him to plenty of film sets, premieres, photo shoots and dips into the river since. 

After a six-month battle with a muscle disorder called polymyositis, and at only six years old Woody sadly passed away.

And if this story isn't already making you cry, Hardy wrote a touching tribute letter to his best friend and posted on Tumblr. So get the tissues ready before you read this one because there's a high chance of precipitation forecast for pet lovers.