Study's show you can have up to 11 beers the night before rugby and it won't affect how you play

Hip Hop Hollywood 16/06/2017

While this study may not lead to a change in coaching advice for players to lay off the booze the night before a big match, a new study has confirmed that rugby players can have up to 11 pints of beer without it affecting their game the next day.

Apart from a reduction in jumping ability, all other aspects of a rugby player's game were unaffected by an evening of heavy drinking before playing the next day, scientists found.

Daily Mail has reported that Researchers from the School of Sport and Exercise, Massey University, New Zealand, tested 19 club rugby players before and after a drinking session the night before a big game. were tested for jumping, sprinting, hydration and other physical aspects both before drinking up to 20 pints and after the match they played the following day.

However, the researchers from Massey did point out that there is also the fear they may be at risk of developing a drinking problem because they do not suffer so many after-effects after a big night out.

The study's authors said: 'Heavy episodic alcohol use and associated reduced sleep hours results in a reduction in lower body power output but not other measures of anaerobic performance the morning after a drinking session.

'Full recovery from this behaviour is achieved by two days post-drinking. (But) scores for this group indicate regular alcohol consumption at a hazardous level.'