Mum's have gone in on Kim Kardashian's latest Facebook post

Hip Hop Hollywood 27/06/2017

Welcome to 2017, the year when celebs can't post anything on the internet or social media without getting their head's chopped off by trolls.

And no surprises, Kim Kardashian's latest facebook post of baby Saint West is getting the same treatment.

The pic features Saint all strapped in his car seat with some styley new Vans and a sippy cup. But mums who are fans of Kim K's FB page couldn't help but notice that he wasn't in a backwards facing car seat.

"He's very cute, but it would be safer for him to be back facing in his seat." said one Facebook user.

"he is so cute let's protect this handsome boy by making sure is rear facing"

"Babies should be in rear facing until they can't anymore. Its the safest option why would people get mad at informing a mother of a safety concern like that."

While many were also quick to defend Kim in her parenting skills.

"oh no watch out here comes the car seat police to try and lecture you on how to put your child in a car seat  go worry about your own child and let the woman post a picture of her handsome little boy."

"Omg! Guys the world is gonna end! His car seat needs to be rear facing! Shut up! I got my son a car seat at one year old it wasn't rear facing, he's safe! Shut up and enjoy the picture!"