Mikey Mayz drops brand new video for 'I Can't Help It'

Our boy Mikey Mayz has just dropped the cutest video ever for his latest single ‘I Can’t Help It’, which is all about good-old fashioned love.

Inspired by the story of how Mikey’s parents met, and written for his own partner, Haley Crooks (who sings the chorus - you go gal!) - ‘I Can’t Help It’ is about letting your guard down when you find love.

“My parents met in Tonga. My dad was a radio officer for the British Navy. He was setting up a radio tower in a small village in Tongatapu. My mum was the only English-speaking translator. They fell in love,” Mikey explains.

Once the tower was installed and the job was done, Mayz’s dad left Tonga, leaving his mum behind. But he returned a few years later with his own charter yacht. “He picked up my mum, and they sailed into the sunset together. That was the same boat I was raised on until I was 18.”

The story inspired not only the song, but also the vision for the video, which is filmed onboard a yacht in Auckland’s glistening Waitemata Harbour.

“I wanted to take Haley out on a similar style yacht to the one I grew up on - sail, drink wine and watch the sunset,” says Mayz.

We love this video and the song so much!