KJ Apa's Kiwi fans go in on his fan's gift to him

Hip Hop Hollywood 07/06/2017

KJ Apa has gotten pretty damn huge since his days on Shorty Street, and now has a fan base of millions of fans across the globe.

And since his fans are true fans, the know that he is from New Zealand and loves his Kiwi foods - including Marmite. How'd they find this out? Well, co-star Cole Sprouse recently hacked KJ's Twitter to write about Marmite.

And being the true fans his fans are, one fan went out to the supermarket and brought a tub of Marmite. However, they brought the UK version of Marmite not the Kiwi version that we all know and love...

And so Kiwi fans were pretty quick to jump in the comment section and call his fans out for getting THE WRONG MARMITE!