K'Lee speaks out about life in a blended family

Mai Days 15/06/2017

Our girl K'Lee has spoken out about her blended whanau on NZ blog 'Me & Him Plus Four'

K touches on leaving America to come back to Aotearoa, juggling life as a solo mum of two young kids and then meeting her partner and allowing him into her life, letting him meet the kids, and eventually having their own together.

She finishes her beautiful piece by giving advice to those who are in blended family's or are about to be.

"The only advice I could ever give to any family that’s blended is, as long as you and your partner are open, and on the same page and are united, then it makes the whanau stronger. The kids are more settled and things are a lot less stressful. 
No family dynamic is ever the same, so never compare, whether your solo or blended. We are always learning, always the students as parents, as partners, as people."

You can read K'Lee's full piece of writing here.