IT'S ON! Mayweather v McGregor is all signed

What's Fresh 15/06/2017

Looks like it's all on like donkey kong!

The two GOATs are going to go head to head on August 26, according to TMZ.

TMZ has confirmed saying, "TMZ Sports spoke with Dana White who says the fight will be a 12 round boxing match. Both guys will use 10 ounce gloves. They will fight at 154 pounds. 

The fight will take place at the T-Mobile Arena. Ticket prices have not been set yet.

There WILL be an undercard -- it will be boxing and Mayweather Promotions will handle the matchmaking."

Both Mayweather & McGregor will be tested for drug use and Dana White says he spoke with Conor Wednesday morning he's VERY excited. Conor also believes with all his heart he will knock Mayweather out.

This fight will be one for the ages.