How to make your long weekend feel even longer

Hip Hop Hollywood 30/05/2017

The long weekend is finally upon us! But as it is the last long weekend us Kiwis are treated to until October, we searched for ways on how to make our long weekend feel even longer.

Stanford University professor and neuroscientist did some research and according to him David Eagleman, the key to making your weekend feel longer simply requires a new experience.

David, who is the author of The Brain: The Story Of You, explained the concept to New York Magazine:

"When you go and experience something novel, it seems to have lasted longer. When you’re a kid, everything is novel and you’re laying down new memories about it. So when you look back at the end of a childhood summer, it seems to have taken a long time because you remember this and that, this new thing, learning that, experiencing that."

So you know how you look back on the year and you're like 'Oh wow it's June already!!?!?! Where has the year gone????' that's because you've already experienced a lot of stuff in your day-to-day life already and you can start to see patterns emerging in our experiences, so time just sort of starts to blend together.

But, when you experience something new, your brain spends most of its energy processing the unfamiliar information and forming that into a new memory.

And you can create something new with even the most basic of things! Of course you can get out of town and go explore somewhere new, or you can just go out and try somewhere new to go out to eat in your town or something of the likes.

According to Elite Daily though, the worst thing is that you're probably not going to think about how long your weekend was until you look back in hindsight. While you're in the moment you will more than likely feel that your weekend is moving at its normal pace. But during the next week when you think back on your weekend it will feel like you did a whole weeks worth of activities!