Zane Lowe gives shout out to the original NZ hip-hop groups

What's Fresh 23/03/2017

One of the best interviewers to com eout of New Zealand, Zane Lowe, has been interviewed by another legendary interviewer, Nardwuar the Human Serviette.

Nardwuar is most famous for his extensive research he does on his interviewee to confuse, scare or impress them, often bringing up artists pasts that leave them mindblown. Pharrell and Drake have both openly said that their interviews with Nardwuar is handsdown the best interview they've ever had.

And now, it was Zane Lowe from Beats 1 radio to have an interview with Nardwuar. He showered Lowe with all kinds of gifts including Hip Hop Family Tree comics, a magazine about the history of New Zealand rock, The Courtneys records and a The 7A3 record.

Nardwuar and Zane also delved into the origins of Aotearoa's hip hop and Zane Lowe's own musical career. Nardwuar also brought all kinds of 90s tapes and vinyls of the scene's most influential artists.