You can now use Maori emojis on your phone!

What's Fresh 21/12/2016

Te Puia in Rotorua has released it's new set of Maori emojis 'Emotikis' as a new phone app - and it can now be all yours!

"Emotiki is New Zealand’s take on a unique Māori emoji selection, with 200 Māori and Kiwi cultural icons for people to share their kiwiana moments with each other and the world. 

From emotions to sports, situations, foods and icons, all Emotikis are familiar to, or have been made famous through New Zealand’s Māori culture."

The app features 200 Maori & Kiwi themed emojis and is free on both iPhone & Android phones.

Emotiki icons include tiki pukana expressions, taiaha, poi, hangi, kai moana, people - young and old - even the Maori wardens are featured.