KFC looking at home deliveries for 2017

What's Fresh 21/12/2016

Hamilton is looking at being the first city to trial a KFC home delivery service from February next year.

If the trial is successful, then it will be full steam ahead and KFC home delivery service will start being rolled out across Aotearoa.

KFC has delivered in the past, but stopped this service in 2007.

Speaking to the NZ Herald, Restaurant Brands CEO Russel Creedy said, "We expect home delivery will be more successful this time around because of advances in technology."

"Mobile, web-ordering and new payment systems mean that we can offer a better experience for customers, and will make the service more efficient and effective than it was ten years ago,"

Let's home Hamilton's trial goes to plan so all of Aotearoa can enjoy KFC goodness without having to leave the comfort of their home!