Top 10 Kiwi inspired Halloween costumes

Hip Hop Hollywood 26/10/2016

Halloween is just around the corner and if you need some inspo on what to dress up as this Halloween then look no further then these Kiwi inspired costumes!

Richie McCoy guy - There's a couple of ways you could do this costume. Chuck on a AB's #7 jersey and walk around with some McCoy orange juice, or wear the hi-vis with a man bun and a gap in ya teeth

Max Key - Bust out a white pair of jocks, a khaki jacket, a durry and a US bandana and you're away laughing. Drawing on abs is optional.

Lily 'Tumeke' Taurau - Grab your best pair of gloves and your Mai gears and you can rock up to your Halloween party looking as good as the Mai Morning Crew's Lily!

Steven Adams - Grab your OKC Thunder NBA singlet, chuck on a black wig and draw on some facial hair and you're NZ's biggest NBA star Steven Adam's!

Naz - The most talked about and most controversial Bachelorette of 2016. You may need to stuff a bra for this costume.

The Nek Minnit Guy - all you need is a blue bandana, a scooter and a false set of teeth from The Warehouse.

The Christchurch Airport Public Toilet - Made famous by an All Black's halfback this costume will be a surefire hit at the Halloween party!

Hunt For The Wilderpeople - Julian Dennison or Sam Neill. Dress up as a bushman or as a young boy out in the bush for the first time.

Anne the Champagne Lady - Grab a few kittys, a bottle of champagne and dress up in your #1's and you're one of the Real Housewives of Auckland's favourite stars!

One of NZ's potential flags - #RIP to those potential flags we could have had but voted against. Remeber the flags by dressing up as one this Halloween.