Kylie Jenner reveals why she gets her lips done

Hip Hop Hollywood 13/10/2016

Kylie's lips have become her signature. She's even based her new business off of them, selling lipkits.

For a long time Kylie denied that she had been getting her lips done (even though it was sooooo obvious) and when she finally admitted that she was getting her lips done on an episode of the Kardashians, the world went nuts!

Kylie spoke to Complex magazine about her lips and she got pretty open on the issue.

"I didn't want people to think you had to get your lips done to feel good about yourself. But they thought it was crazier that I was lying about it because it was so obvious. I wish I had just been honest and upfront.”

Kylie also said about how she went a little overboard on the procedures...

“When you first get them done, you're like, ‘Oh, it could be a little bit bigger on that side.’ I'd go back and be like, they could be bigger... But I went too far. It was very painful".

“It has been an insecurity of mine all my life... This guy I kissed was like, ‘Your lips are really small but you’re a really good kisser. I didn’t think you were gonna be good at kissing."

So that's the reason why Kylie gets her lips done. The more you know...