Aussies are trying to claim Weetbix as their own

Hip Hop Hollywood 19/10/2016

This is soooo not all good.

It has been reported by a Aussie news website that Weet-Bix is going to be sold in China after it appeared on one of their TV shows.

Newshub reported that sales of Weet-Bix soared over in China after the brekkie cereal featured in one of the TV show's scenes.

But the NZ Herald picked up a major key in that the Aussie news website claimed that Weet-Bix was an 'Aussie breakfast favourite'.

Uhhhh... hold up!

We thought it was obvious that Weet-Bix was a Kiwi breakfast treat. But the Herald discovered that on the Sanitarium website for both the Kiwi & the Aussie sites, they have a very vague history of the brand, with both sites telling a bit of a differing story.

The Australian website reads, "The Company's first baker, Edward Halsey, began preparing the very first Sanitarium products in 1898, he was driven to improving health in Australia."

While the New Zealand site says, ""In December of 1900, Edward Halsey, a Seventh-day Adventist and baker trained at the Battle Creek Sanitarium, came to New Zealand to prepare healthy food for a small health home."

But according to Wikipedia, it seems as if the breakfast treat we always assumed was rightfully ours, was in fact first made on Aussie shores. 

Guts :(

But even though Weet-Bix may be theirs, they still can't claim the Pavlova from us!