Random act of kindness helps reconnect Kiwi with her family

What's Fresh 21/09/2016

A homeless Kiwi stranded in Perth is finally able to reconnect with her family thanks to a kind Australian who bought her a plane ticket.

Because Jess was New Zealand-born, she didn't qualify for any income assistance, according to the Brothers and Sisters Perth's Facebook page, and she was living rough on the streets.

After reconnecting with her estranged family, she wanted to come home, and began begging to raise funds for either a ticket or a place to live.

While talking with the homeless advocates, a man approached.

"He listened, and without another word, held out his hand and said, 'Come with me, I'll sort you out'," the group says.

"He led her to an ATM and gave her enough money for one ticket home."

A video of the heartwarming moment the man withdraws the money and hands it to Jess was posted on Facebook and has been seen more than 25,000 times.

"You're a good person, go home," he says after sharing a hug. "Go home."

The man rebuffs their praise, saying he's "just a simple person".

Brothers and Sisters Perth says they didn't pressure him to donate.

"As Jess told him stories of the reality of living on the streets it was clear he was affected."

Immediate flights from Perth to Auckland currently cost around $550.