Malia Obama caught smoking weed on camera

Hip Hop Hollywood 11/08/2016

US President Barack Obama's daughter Malia is embroiled in a spot of bother that may be hard to roll her way out of.

The 18-year-old appears to be smoking cannabis in a video taken at music festival Lollapalooza last month.

The footage has been posted on gossip website Radar Online, with an alleged eyewitness confirming the president's eldest daughter was smoking weed.

In the 9 second clip, Malia appears to be smoking a joint or cigarette, as another young woman in the foreground pouts seductively and licks at the camera.

Malia didn't attend the US Democratic National Convention last month, opting to go to the Chicago music festival instead, where other videos showed her dancing wildly and having a great time.

Marijuana has recently been decriminalised in the state of Illinois, where the video was shot, but that's probably not going to ease the telling off she'll get from her presumably very cross father.

Barack himself did admit to smoking ganja and using 'a little blow' in high school and university in his memoir.