Whittaker's are gonna hike up chocolate prices next week and that's a yeah, nahhh

Whittaker's are gonna hike up chocolate prices next week and that's a yeah, nahhh

Gotta stock up, I guess!

Chocolate lovers we need to have a proper yarn about this because Whittaker’s has hit us with some rough news for our wallets.

Yet AGAIN, the word's out that our Kiwi chocolate fix is gonna be costing us more starting next week.

“From Monday 20 May there will be an increase to our prices,” the Kiwi biz wrote to their Whittaker’s Chocolate Lovers Facebook Page. 

Explaining the reason behind the hike, they added: “The costs of our quality ingredients have risen significantly, and we would never compromise on these, our generous 250g sized blocks, or on our commitments to ethical sourcing, including using Rainforest Alliance certified and fully traceable cocoa beans and being 100% Palm Oil-free.”

SOURCE: Whittaker's Chocolate Lovers on Facebook

Honestly, we get where Whittaker’s is coming from, but it’s still a hit to the wallet

While the new prices remain a mystery, they thought it was fair to give us a heads-up, and for that, we can't moan too much.

Whittaker’s has bumped up prices three times in two years, so I did a bit of a poll around the Mai FM office to suss out whether people are keen to keep buying the choc at a higher price.

“Genuinely, I don’t care about the price hike because I’d rather keep buying the goodness of the quality choc,” one said.

While another said: “It’s becoming a luxury item at this point. Last time this went down, I had to dial it back.”

"I reckon I’ll be pacing myself more," added a third.

Yeah, it stings a bit, but we can’t just bail on the chocolate scene altogether. It just means we’ll have to have some self-control - rough!

Whittaker’s keeping it real with us chocoholics is what keeps us coming back.