We gave McDonald’s new ‘Spiciest burger ever’ a munch but is it legit hot HOT?

We gave McDonald’s new ‘Spiciest burger ever’ a munch but is it legit hot HOT?

Love me some cluckin' good chook

Macca's has added a new burger to the menu, and we reckon it’s legit hot as!

The Mighty Hot McSpicy is, according to McDonald’s, their “spiciest burger ever" - made up of chicken thigh in a crunchy coating, lettuce, mayo and their new hot sauce. 

The Mai office got our hands on a few for lunch today and we flocked like seagulls to have a munch. 

Having tried loads of fast-food meals misleadingly labelled as ‘spicy’, I wasn't fussed about the Scovilles in this burger. But they’re friggin' there! It’s the perfect amount of heat in a burger, enough that your spice-scared mate will enjoy their bite but won’t want another one and you, a true spice-lover, will feel it without stretching for a glass of milk. 

The chicken tasted so good I thought they must have put serotonin in it. It was incredible. Maybe I haven’t found myself passing through the golden arches enough recently, but I swear it’s just a higher standard of chook than Macca's has ever dished out.

It legit tasted like the fried chicken in a semi-gourmet burger. 

If you think I’m pulling your McChain, here’s what a couple of my Mai coworkers said about it. 

“Spicy, succulent and scrumdiddlyumptious,” said Bella. “With enough heat to leave a solid tingle, paired with a delicious piece of chicken, I thoroughly enjoyed this hot, hot burg.”

Bethan said the chicken’s so good that it’s “time for the McChicken to move over.”

“It’s the perfect amount of spice and does not disappoint with its juicy yet crisp chicken.”

Along with the new McSpicy, Macca's has also added a McSpicy Bacon Burger, Spicy Chicken McNuggets with spicy dipping sauce and some shaker fries for good measure. 

I can't believe fast food has finally aced tasty spiciness, it's about time!