‘So uplifting’: Teachers perform powerful haka and end it with a mana wave in viral video

‘So uplifting’: Teachers perform powerful haka and end it with a mana wave in viral video

"I felt that mana."

ASB Polyfest wrapped up a couple of weeks ago, but one of the unofficial performances is still going viral now. 

To begin prizegiving on the Māori stage, a powerful Te Ngeri a Kawiti haka was performed by kapa haka tutors from the different schools in attendance. That in itself was good enough, stirring up some goosebumps in me and I’m sure anyone watching, but they also ended it with a hearty as mana wave. Leshgo. 

The video has been viewed over 200k times and liked by 20k people. 

Commenters are in awe at the performance, saying it’s provoking some strong emotions from them. 

“Be proud of where you come from,” wrote one person. “I can listen to the haka all day.”

“Could watch this all day,” said another. “So uplifting and spiritual. Never let these traditions disappear.”

“I felt that mana,” a third added.

“Our people will always give you goosebumps whenever they perform,” one more wrote. “Absolutely beautiful.”

Another viral moment from Polyfest 2024 also came in between performances. Tino Foaga was caught in multiple crack-up videos hyping up and showing his best moves to the crowd of thousands at the Manukau Sports Bowl in South Auckland.

In one video that’s already been viewed over 300,000 times, Tino pulls some mean facial expressions to DJ Dave and Tofaga Meke’s ‘Kauvaga Li’ - tuuune!

A highlight has to be the dance battle between Tino and a Dilworth School performer. The close-up view shows just how ON the vibe was for those who got a front-row seat to Tino’s entertainment.

Polyfest is always a great celebration of Māori and Pasifika and it’s incredible to see the pure fun and pride on display every year.