‘She’s our aunty now’: Filipino mum goes viral for learning Matariki waiata and it is adorable

‘She’s our aunty now’: Filipino mum goes viral for learning Matariki waiata and it is adorable

Get her to Te Matatini!

Matariki is a couple of months away, but A Kiwi mum who originally hails from the Philippines has gone above and beyond to get behind it. 

TikTok user Jen Lourdes shared a video of her Filipino mother learning the words to the ‘Matariki 9 Star Song’ by Te Reo content creator Missy Nicky Says. The waiata is to the tune of the famous ‘Macarena’ song, and mumma even whips out the iconic dance. 

Jen’s TikTok has been viewed over a quarter of a million times and liked by nearly 50 thousand people. “My Filipino mum has lived in Aotearoa for over 30 years and still loves to learn a waiata,” the caption reads. 

Commenters can’t get enough of the mum, with many saying she’s part of the whānau now. 

“Mana aunty,” wrote one person. “Keep it up, won't be long before you'll be performing at Te Matatini.”

“Aw your mum is so cute,” said another. “Kia ora whaea.”

“I LOVE it when people put in the effort to learn more about our culture and reo,” a third added. “It makes my heart so full.”

“She’s our aunty now,” one more wrote. 

Turns out our newest aunty is a natural in front of the camera. In another TikTok, she gives it her all rapping to a Biggie Smalls song despite not knowing the lyrics. 

Aunty's Matariki waiata takes me back to when Producer Troy, AKA T-Money, from the Mai Morning Crew shocked everyone in the office by learning ‘Pa Mai’ on guitar and crushing his performance

After celebrating the holiday with the whānau in Ngāti Whātua Ōrākei, he was inspired to learn more about Te Ao Māori.

We had to make sure he knew his Māori Strum AKA 'The jingachhak' for when he gets the invite to the next Shed Party!  

I might be biased, but Te Reo waiatas just hit different.