'Who?': Ex-Mai FM host Nate Nauer didn't remember working with Tegan on the Morning Crew

'Who?': Ex-Mai FM host Nate Nauer didn't remember working with Tegan on the Morning Crew

"I was at my absolute worst."

Nickson is teaming up with his “brother” Nate Nauer, who once hosted Home Run and Morning Crew, for a podcast all about their decades-long friendship, and professional and personal lives.

That includes the low points, like Nate not remembering his own co-host when he first got out of jail, but more on that later. 

Called ‘Nickson and Nate’, the first episode debuts on April 14th. Nickson shared that they’re not going to hold back and it’s not going to be like a normal radio broadcast. 

“The one thing about this podcast which we’re really proud about is that it’s very unfiltered,” he said. “We’re going to be very open and honest about stuff you never heard when the microphones were on.”

“It’s our life story but it’s not in chronological order. It’s just everything we’ve experienced along the way.”

Nate and Nickson about their new podcast
Nate and Nickson returns for a new podcast
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Nate hopped on the air this morning and said the podcast “is us talking about what we’ve been through in our careers and everything that’s happened outside our careers.”

One of the wildest stories they're sure to talk about is Nate not remembering Tegan, who co-hosted the Morning Crew with Nate. 

“Tegan started working on the show when I was at my absolute worst,” he recalled. “I would be stumbling in here with my sunnies on. I’d just come from a place where women like to dance and sometimes it gets really hot and sometimes take their clothes off.”

“I’d walk in and Tegan would be like ‘Where’d you come from?’. I’d just have no answer. I’m hungover, I’m doing the show.”

“And that’s why when Nickson asked if I’d caught up with Tegan when I got out of jail the first time I was like: ‘Who?’,” he finished. 

"I was naive and wide-eyed," Tegan said after laughing about it. "I had no idea what was going on."

Nate and Nickson have been friends for 20+ years, through plenty of ups and downs together, so there'll be plenty of other stuff they'll talk about too. 

“Nickson’s my brother,” Nate said. “And you use that word in good times and bad times. You gotta be able to fight with your brother.”

“I remember when I got his phone number approved so I could call him from jail. He picks up and he’s like: ‘Yeah, what do you want’. But I would talk to him every night.”

You can follow the podcast on Instagram (@NicksonandNate) and Spotify (Nickson And Nate). Once you’ve done that, buckle up.