Warriors fans reckon new Aussie player Kurt ‘Cape-Wah’ is the bro after his crack-up interview

Warriors fans reckon new Aussie player Kurt ‘Cape-Wah’ is the bro after his crack-up interview

“How can you not love this fella?"

Aussie rugby league player Kurt Capewell has already won over Warriors fans and the team hasn’t even played a game yet. 

Kurt signed with the team in December, departing from the formidable Brisbane Broncos, and has already learned some vital language skills to help him adapt to Aotearoa.

First of all, his Instagram bio already says ‘UP THE WAHS’ - maybe as a result of hearing it when he’s walking down the street, which happens often, he told reporters at a recent press conference. 

“I’ve seen plenty of fans on the street give the old ‘Up the Wahs’,” he said. “Cape-Wah seems to be a bit of a thing at the moment too…CHUR!”. To top things off, he even chucked in a “Kia ora whānau” for good measure. What a guy. 

Fans in the comments are saying Kurt now has their back and is gonna be a great addition to the Wahs legacy. 

“Embracing the culture - gotta love it,” wrote one person. “He will be one of the most protected Aussies in NZ.”

“How can you not love this fella?” said another. “Fully embracing the move - legend.”

“Chuuuuuur the bro,” a third added. 

“As part of the Tangata Whenua Māori delegation, we would like to whāngai Kurt Capewell as our own and he will now be known as KĒTI KAPEWARE,” one more wrote. “Ngā mihi.”

In the same press conference, Kurt added that he is frothing to play in front of the fans at Mount Smart, and hopefully let the famous victory song rip. 

“I got a little taste of it at the trial game and can't wait to see this place sold out, with our fans hanging over the fence,” he said, as reported by Newshub.

“I'm looking forward to singing the song - after a win. It's bad luck to sing it before the win."

Kurt Cape-Wah and the rest of the fellas open their NRL season in front of those home fans this Friday at 8 PM. Leshgo and up the Wahs.