'What in the positive masculinity?' Baby crashes party and gets serenaded by dad and uncles

'What in the positive masculinity?' Baby crashes party and gets serenaded by dad and uncles

You've never heard 'If You're Happy And You Know It' sung like this.

One lucky baby girl is going viral after she was filmed enjoying her dad and his bros’ company. At a long table, the daughter is safely in one guy’s arms as the rest of them beautifully sing ‘If You’re Happy and You Know It’ in unison.

It looks like a garage gathering for the ages, with everyone cracking up and a cava bowl being shared around. Footage of the moment was posted to Instagram by the dad of the lucky girl, where it’s been viewed nearly 2 million times. 

 “When your daughter won’t go to sleep cause she’s happy and she knows it,” the caption reads. 

Commenters are absolutely loving it, saying everyone in the room is a great role model and the daughter should be in for an incredible life with their support. 

“This is the meaning of family,” wrote one person. “That little girl is going to be well protected and loved.”

“This little girl is like Snow White with all the dwarves singing to her,” said another. “Except the dwarves are giants.”

“What in the positive masculinity is going on here?” a third asked

“Voices are butter,” one more wrote. “And there is nothing like a father and his friends/family doing anything to entertain the baby rather than themselves.”

Last week, another whānau went viral for their singing. 

At Manakua Denny’s, the bar was set for how ‘Happy Birthday’ should be sung. Footage posted on TikTok by Atu Maves shows the family sitting at a long table before singing the traditional song to Charlie. And bro, their voices are angelic. 

“My ears were in heaven,” the caption reads. “Still tearing up listening to it. Charlie, your family loves you. Beautifuuul.”

I’m sure the little girl in the first video is going to be sung many, many great ‘Happy Birthdays’ by everyone with her at that table.