Air NZ has cheap flights to the US and Asia from $528 so bail on winter for some Bali sun

Air NZ's got cheap flights to the US, Asia and Bali from $528 so it's time to treat yourself

Honolulu is calling my name.

Air New Zealand's running a choice as sale over the next couple of days so if you're ready for a vacation, get moving. 

The ‘North America & Asia’ deals are headed to some of our ideal destinations, including Honolulu, L.A., Bali, Tokyo, and loads more.

The sale has already begun and is ending at midnight tomorrow, so you better text the family group chat and hope everyone can really pull together to get this trip off the screen and in the air.

Cheap flights from New Zealand to North America and Asia 

  • Shanghai from $528
  • Honolulu from $549
  • Taipei from $626
  • Bali from $676
  • Hong Kong from $705
  • San Francisco from $719
  • Los Angeles from $719
  • Tokyo from $756
  • Houston from $789
  • Singapore from $795
  • Vancouver from $896

Travel dates vary from early May to mid-December, so there’s plenty of time for planning after you’ve locked in a destination.

It’s like when you plan a night out before sorting out a babysitter and your ride to and from, 'cause where’s the thrill in being organised?! 

So in saying that, I’m off to book a few weeks of annual leave because a trip to the beaches of Bali is calling my name.