WATCH: Kiwi singer Paige finally sang her duet with the Jonas Brothers in Auckland and aced it

WATCH: Kiwi singer Paige finally sang her duet with the Jonas Brothers in Auckland and aced it

Proud as!

It's finally happened! The Jonas Brothers pulled Kiwi singer Paige on stage to live out her dream of performing with the trio.

After months of campaigning for the Jonas Brothers to notice her incredible talent, Paige finally got the call last week to confirm she would perform with them onstage

The 'Waves' singer first caught the attention of Joe in August last year when she shared an acoustic version of his song 'Gotta Find You' on Instagram. 

Joe responded with a single "👀" reaction on social, and since then, Paige continued her mission to share the stage with him.

And it all went down at Spark Arena last night!

"To sing with your heroes let alone be eye to eye with them is an unbelievable thing and something we all hope for," Paige wrote on Insta. "For me, this is the pinnacle."

She added: "Thank you so deeply for seeing me, for giving me this moment. The most fun I’ve had in my life. I will never forget it."

As Joe introduced Paige onto the stage he shared the journey from his side of the screen.

"I'm scrolling on TikTok and I kept getting tagged in this video," he said. "This video speaks of this person's musical journey."

"[Paige] had a hopeful dream to perform a certain song with us on stage," he added.

Joe joked about all the fun he had teasing Paige - and the rest of NZ - by hinting at the possibility with likes and comments on her videos. 

"We got to meet this wonderful person today," he said before bringing the talented Kiwi up for their duet of 'This Is Me' from the Disney Channel Original Movie 'Camp Rock'.

The pair absolutely smashed the tune out of the park, I mean, arena! I even had a few tears in my eyes watching her live her dream with the whole crowd on their feet, cheering and singing along.

The Jo-Bros led a chant of Paige's name as she left the stage at Spark Arena. 

We couldn't be prouder as Kiwis.