People react to Justin Beiber performing a RnB version of his debut single ‘Baby'

People react to Justin Beiber performing a RnB version of his debut single ‘Baby'

“Baby is SO meant to be r&b 😩”
5 February 2024 3:32PM

Justin Bieber performed live for the very first time in two years. He canceled several of his shows from his ‘Justice World Tour’ including NZ shows due to his battle with Ramsey Hunt Order.

Last week, Justin gave a private acoustic performance at a 2500-capacity venue in Toronto, Canada playing SZA’s ‘Snooze’,  and his other songs including an RnB version of his debut single ’Baby’. 

Fans have been loving these video clips of his performance and have been wanting this rendition of 'Baby' to be released as soon as possible. 

“I want that rnb version of baby that Justin Bieber sang at that hockey event so bad,” one wrote. 

“How tf we get rnb Justin Bieber before GTA 6,” said another.

Fans commented on how this song was ‘meant to be R&B’.

“Baby as an R&B song just makes sense,” one wrote. 

“Baby is SO meant to be r&b 😩,” another wrote.

Nonlisteners of Justin Bieber have also been converted since this performance.

“Never liked biebs but after this weekend I've really grown to him, this is possibly the best thing the NHL has done in the past decade,” one wrote.

With the Superbowl just around the corner, people have been having their suspicions that Usher will bring Justin Beiber out during his halftime performance. The recent performance has kind of added some sort of confirmation to it. 

“Definitely prep for Superbowl guest appearance,” one fan wrote.

“I think JB’s getting ready to perform with Usher next weekend 👀,” another wrote.