‘I feel transcended’: US YouTuber breaks down watching Stan Walker’s ‘I AM’ for the first time

‘I feel transcended’: US YouTuber breaks down watching Stan Walker’s ‘I AM’ for the first time

"This culture, it’s on a completely different level."

Stan Walker had an American YouTuber in absolute awe of his talent and display of Māori culture. 

The World Upside Right (TWUR), a US content creator, watched Stan’s ‘I AM’ music video for the first-ever time and was in tears by the end of it.

“That was so hard, that was so hard,” he said after finishing the song. “Growing up, I thought I wanted to be a part of fraternities and stuff like that. But this right here, this culture, it’s on a completely different level. I feel transcended and transported when I listen to Stan.”

“The imagery, the scenery, the tats, the steady shaking, the eyes, the intensity. Oh man - I can’t believe it took me a month to watch this. I see why it got 1.6 million views - it should have 10 kajillion views.”

“Every time I listen to Stan, I get left in a wreck,” he continued.

“That video was so hard. When the chorus dropped for the first time, I felt like I came out of my body. I can’t even control myself and speak straight. I’m so moved. When the chorus dropped, I went numb in a good way - I can’t even explain it.”

“Oh my goodness, I need more. I got to watch this one right back again… obviously, you see I like powerful stuff," he added. 

Commenters reckon this is the exact reaction appropriate for the epic song. 

“One of the best reactions to anything I’ve seen,” wrote one person. “Thanks for your heartfelt reaction. All love brotha”

“Jeez brutha, you don't understand our language nor our culture, but you definitely FEEL it !!!,” said another. 

“I think you felt that the way it was supposed to be felt,” a third added. “Māori culture is beautiful. Toitū te Tiriti!”

TWUR also reacted to Six60’s incredible Te Reo performance of ‘Don't Forget Your Roots’ and was holding back tears. Shout out to him for embracing Māori culture and truly understanding its beauty.