'Should've been taught in schools': This 30-second hack will save your old munted t-shirts

'I'm doing this rn': A viral hack is saving people's fave stretched out t-shirts from the bin

sorry not sorry to the op shops but you're missing out today

Everyone knows how tight you can be with your number one t-shirt. 

Whether it's that hand-me-down Jordan merch from your brother that used to be oversized but now fits perfectly, or the one that's seen you through every concert for the last 10 years - a good tee is hard to find. 

That's why it suuuucks when you're forced to chuck them - but there's a hack doing the rounds online that could help you bring your old faithful back from the brink. 

If you're suffering from a case of stretched out neckline, it can be as simple as boiling it for a few seconds to get it back to its former glory. 

According to a now-viral TikTok from OV Market, all you need to do is tie a rubber band just below the neck of your t-shirt and dunk that part in boiling water for 30-seconds to a minute. 

Take off the rubber band and let it dry flat…then bam, the neckline should be pretty much back to how it was when it was straight off the rack. 

People are so impressed with the results, they're saying the hardest part of the whole process is finding a rubber band (doesn't everyone have a junk draw full of them?). Others are saying the hack "should have been taught in schools". 

And because it's the internet, a few people are asking if this trick works on socks and undies. Bro, just saying, if you find yourself boiling your dacks, you've probably taken a wrong turn. Time to fork out for some new ones, eh?