Kanye West’s dentist reveals the crazy way he brushes his $1.3M Titanium Dentures

Kanye West’s dentist reveals the crazy way he brushes his $1.3M Titanium Dentures

nah that's too much work

Last week, Kanye West revealed that he spent $1.3 Million on his "permanent titanium dentures" and news got out saying he got all his teeth out in order to do that. 

Turns out, that wasn't what had happened - he's still got his teeth, but now cleaning them is tough. 

To sum it up, Ye went through a procedure called 'fixed prosthodontics' where the titanium, palladium, and platinum grills were permanently fixed onto his teeth. 

"We have a custom Proclaim device that was co-fabricated with access areas for flushing interproximal," his dentist Dr. Connelly explained on IG. "The fixed prosthesis was fabricated to mimic his exact occlusion and envelope of function. His phonetics are perfect. The prosthesis respects all aspects of dental technology including function and cleans-ability."

"No teeth were removed," he added. 

So, how does he even clean them? Summarizing what Dr Connelly wrote on his IG, TikTok user Dylan Page has explained how in simple words. 

"The dentist says he uses a device which essentially uses a 3D mapping of your mouth to create a water-flossing gum shield that cleans all the gaps in your teeth simultaneously."

Sometimes brushing at night feels like a chore, but this one's on a whole other level. 

Guess who also showed off some diamond grill on the same day? Ye's lil girl North West.

North West with new diamond grill

North showed off her new diamond-encrusted grill on TikTok as part of a photo dump. 

The company that worked on this grill shared photos on IG and wrote "North West's first diamond grill."

The ten-year-old's been a fan of her dad's style for the longest time. Last Christmas, North wore the same jacket that Kanye wore to the 2016 Met Gala. She dressed up as his Bear Mascot for Halloween.