McDonald's just dropped 6 fresh snacks for summer, with 3 Kiwi faves making a comeback

McDonald's just dropped 6 fresh snacks for summer, with 3 Kiwi faves making a comeback

Get those bites in my puku!

Macca's just dropped a fresh new lineup of snacks for our summer road trips, and it's about time one of my favourites is making a comeback.

The fast food joint just revealed its new summer menu with three brand-new items as well as the return of three Kiwi faves. 

So, let’s dig into what is on the table, eh?

This year’s spread includes the return of the Kiwi Burger, which of course features the classic NZ touch of an egg and beetroot loaded into the burger.

Also joining the Kiwi Burger in its return is the Kiwi Angus. It’s the same same, but different cooler cousin with a premium 100% NZ Angus beef patty.

And after hitting the scene back in 2020, there's another blast from the past that's making a sweet return - the KitKat McFlurry loaded with crumbled pieces of the chocolate bar over Macca’s classic vanilla soft serve.

For real though, please let the machines stay working this summer. If I go through the drive-thru and am hit with the devastating news, I’m gonna need more than a break and a KitKat to ease my pain.

Now, drumroll for the fresh recruits drrrrrr rrrrrr rrrr!

Frozen Lift and a Frozen Lift McFloat are AWN for summer, and I’m already picturing myself sipping a half-melted dripping cup to get through the hot days travelling to the beach. 

Oh, and you might wanna grab something cooling, ‘cause the temperature is rising with the brand-new chilli cheese bites.

As a lover of spice and, of course, cheese, I know I’ll be digging into these as soon as I can get my grubby little mitts on them.

The real question now is, with this sizzling new spread, what'll you be munching into first?