Watch Post Malone pull a Kiwi guitarist onstage to play his song 'Stay' during his NZ show

Watch Post Malone pull a Kiwi guitarist onstage to play 'Stay' during his NZ show and smash it

"I'm literally shaking right now."

A Kiwi guitarist named Rachel had the most epic fan experience during Post Malone’s Western Springs show in Auckland last night.

Posty pulled her up on stage to play his hit ‘Stay’ on the guitar - and she nailed it.

It all started with a painted t-shirt that read, "Can I play 'Stay?'" Little did she know, that question was about to become a reality.

In her green hat, shaking with excitement - and a few nerves - Rachel caught Postie's eye in the crowd.  

After shouting his name during a quiet moment of the set, Post finally declared this was her moment to shine. She found herself on stage, officially the chosen one to strum alongside the rapper. 

"I'm literally shaking right now, I love Austin so much," she blurted into the mic after grabbing a quick pic with the man himself. 

"Here, I've found this helps with the shakes,” Posty handed her his beer from the side of the stage.

With liquid courage in hand, Rachel took a seat and the pair crushed the acoustic version of the 2018 hit.

The rest, as they say, is history.

They say ‘You don't know, if you don't try’, and Rachel’s story is a perfect example of just that!