Did Spotify Wrapped get hacked? Heaps of people are mad cos a random rapper is their top artist

Did Spotify Wrapped get hacked? Heaps of people are mad cos a random rapper is their top artist

"We need a criminal investigation."

Spotify users are pissed because their annual day of celebration and bragging turned into a day of confusion and a dark realisation that they got hacked. 

Spotify Wrapped came out yesterday, which shows users what songs, artists and albums they listened to the most. People have been left scratching their heads after finding a rapper they ‘never ever listened to’ is listed as their favourite artist.

That rapper would be Lil Durk who made the hit song ‘All My Life’ and featured on Drake’s massive tune ‘Laugh Now Cry Later’. 

Back in May, Durk dropped his album ‘Almost Healed’. According to Vice, around this time heaps of Spotify users logged on to find their listening history filled with the rapper’s songs. 

“I went to start some music one morning in May and noticed all my most recent listens were Lil Durk,” said Jackson Garrett, a victim of the hack and Vice’s accountant. “I knew it wasn't me and it freaked me out, so I went through all my other accounts to make sure those weren't hacked too.”

“Somehow, in those couple of days between when I found out and changed my password, the hacker listened to so much Lil Durk that by the time my 2023 Wrapped came around, I was in .05% of his listeners and it completely took over my entire Wrapped.”

“Those couple of days there were 5 Lil Durk songs I listened to more than apparently any other song in my entire year.”

So now, six months after the hacking went down, all these music listeners are finding out that they got hacked.

Breaking into people’s private accounts is a crime and not funny at all. What is funny is that people realised they got hacked by opening their Wrapped to see Lil Durk’s Spotify profile picture, where he looks just as confused as the person staring back at him, in their top artist slot.