Snoop Dogg says he's 'giving up smoke' but fans reckon he's actually lighting up a new business

Snoop Dogg says he's 'giving up smoke' but fans reckon he's actually lighting up a new business

"You not slick unc.”

Snoop Dogg has taken our breath away with the huge bombshell he’s giving up smoking.

“After much consideration and conversation with my family, I’ve decided to give up smoke,” he wrote on Instagram. 

“Please respect my privacy at this time.”

Hold up, Is Snoop Dogg, the notorious weed smoker, the dude who once claimed he smoked 81 joints a day and had a personal blunt roller really booting the blunt?

He legit could be, but fans reckon he could be swapping blow for blow and starting up a new vape biz.

“He prob going to use this to market his new vape line or edibles,” one fan wrote to X (formerly known as Twitter).

Another agreed: “He’s coming out with a snoop dogg vape watch. 'I said I’m done smoking, I'm vaping now.'”

“‘Giving up smoke’, yeah he’s launching a weed vape brand, viral advertising,” said a third who was convinced of the new biz move.

A fourth joked: “This promo for your vape company, you not slick unc.” 

Honestly, they could be on to something. It wouldn’t be that shocking of a switch, considering Snoop previously released a dry herb vape with G Pen back in 2016.

Now, we do have to give major big ups to Snoop for making a move to better his overall health - it definitely wasn’t on our list of things to happen in 2023, but here we are.

Back in June last year, Snoop hinted he was changing his ways when it came to lighting up a joint. 

After being caught smoking on the red carpet at the 2021 MTV Movie and TV Awards, Snoop said he was now "trying to abide by the law."

"I've changed my ways. I've become better."

We hope Snoop takes the time he needs to grieve the loss of a major part of his persona.