Jack Harlow says he likes NZ women and felt 'validated' in Aotearoa on 'Call Her Daddy' podcast

Jack Harlow says he likes NZ women and felt 'validated' in Aotearoa on 'Call Her Daddy' podcast

Get him back here ASAP!

Jack Harlow has just revealed his love for New Zealand and our women on an episode of Alex Cooper's ‘Call Her Daddy’ podcast.

The Kentucky-born rapper chatted about a variety of insights into his successful career, including how wild it was for him to feel the love and realise the level of his fame while here in New Zealand.

Alex asked Jack how he felt about being recognised more now that he’s become globally famous.

“It’s very validating, especially overseas, walking through New Zealand and Australia, and people know [me]. That’s one of those moments when you take that time to pat yourself on the back, so it feels really good,” Jack said.

Alex, being the sneaky detective we all need, slyly throws him the question: “Do you like the New Zealand women?”

“Yeah,” Jack replied quickly.

I know a few of our beautiful wahine here will be losing it over that response.

We love a good shout-out any time NZ is mentioned by celebrities overseas, so the aroha is mutual, Jack.

The last time Jack was here, the good vibes were flowing 'round when local rapper Jeremiah Reyllo got a mean surprise from Jack Harlow's team while busking on the streets of Tāmaki Makaurau.

He just happened to be performing Jack Harlow's hit 'What's Poppin' when they rolled through Queen Street. 

Turns out Jack's team were checking out the 09 ahead of his performance at Trust Arena back in August 2022. 

They approached the busker and said: "We're about to send this to Jack. We just took a video, we're gonna send this to Jack."

So, it's safe to say we are keen on Jack to return to NZ ASAP!