Ardie Savea’s new kid's book based on his childhood will 'encourage kids to chase their dreams'

Ardie Savea’s new kid's book based on his childhood will 'encourage kids to chase their dreams'

“With hard work and determination they can achieve anything — just like I did"

Ardie Savea teamed up with One NZ to release a children's book just in time for Christmas.

Ardie's book 'A One Good Kiwi Story: Ardie Savea', is based on his childhood to "encourage kids to chase their dreams".

The book shows the 'fun' and 'struggles' he encountered while chasing his rugby dreams. It's also a tribute to his family and friends who gave him endless support back then to achieve his goals.

“My brother Julz and I were blessed to be quite talented at rugby from a young age and some games were out in Porirua or the Hut," Ardie told Seven Sharp. 

“Mum and Dad worked very very hard. Travel-wise there were some days we couldn’t get to practices or games. We didn’t have a taavale or car. We relied on family, friends, teammates' parents to catch rides," he added.

He also reveals in his book that he would use his rollerblades to skate his way to the game or practice. 

The writer of the children's book, Jono Houzet feels 'proud', 'buzzed' to be working with Ardie, who's one of his favourite rugby stars.

“I was incredibly nervous, to be honest, but super, super excited,” he told Seven Sharp.

“I’m so proud, buzzed, to work with Ardie, too. I think I took too many photos with him to show my friends and my family but it was such a privilege. Ardie’s super down to earth," he added.

The book is now available to purchase at any One NZ store for $20 and ALL the proceeds go to Kiwi Christmas Books, a charity that collects donations of brand new books and gifts to families who would go without them during Christmas. 

He is the man!