WATCH: Steven Adams makes a North Korea joke during NBA media day and made people hella awkward

WATCH: Steven Adams Made A North Korea Joke At An NBA Media Day And People Got Hella Awkward


Steven Adams is known for being pretty crack up behind the mic at press conferences, but he just made a joke about another player that, well...flopped.

Steven was out here trying to rep our classic dry Kiwi humour at the latest Memphis Grizzlies media day, but he might have forgotten he wasn't sitting in the backyard with the homies at a BBQ.

The room full of American journalists weren't quite picking up what Steven was putting down, and after he made an innocent joke about a Korean basketball player, he was met with the sound of metaphorical crickets as everyone went dead silent.

A female reporter asked Steven if he’d seen a Korean basketball player who had gone viral for banking free throws and asked if he would try it. 

Adams responded: “Try it? I’ve done it unintentionally and it worked, it’s worked a couple of times,” he giggled before asking: “He was Korean?”

“Yeah, Korean,” the reporter replied.

 “North or South?” Steven asked before being met with an extremely rough and awkward silence.

“Too soon. Too sober. Sorry guys,” Steven added before making his quick escape out of the uncomfortable sitch.  

Many fans have been reacting to the blunder, with one writing: "Steven Adams at his finest!"

"Steveo no😭," wrote another. 

While a third pointed out the obvious: "She was also not amused at all. 🫢”

Well, that reception sure humbled the man. He did handle it like a pro though, and we're definitely still loving how he represents Kiwis in the sporting world.