Daniel Caesar left NZ off his Down Under tour dates, but here's how we can get him to come

Daniel Caesar left NZ off his Down Under tour dates, but here's how we can get him to come

Jump on this waka with me fam - we've got a plan

Kia ora e te whānau!

If you don't know - now you know: Daniel Caesar is bringing his 'Superpowers World Tour' to this side of the world, but not here in Aotearoa - he literally just skipped us this time :(

He announced his 'Australia, Asia & Hawaii' dates last week, but there was no mention of Aotearoa to be found!

I've been out here patiently waiting with a huge hope that he'd drop some NZ dates, but look, it's already been 9 days... so I am taking this matter into my own hands.

But I can't do this on my own, so I'm asking YOU to join me in this waka of bringing Daniel Caesar's 'Superpowers World Tour'. 

Daniel Caesar's official website allows us to request a show at a city/ country if it's not on his tour list yet: so that's exactly what all of us will be doing!

So here's a quick easy step-by-step process to request him and get Daniel Caesar to do a show here!

1. Click on this direct LINK HERE ( a link found on his official website). 

2. Add your email address, your first name and add the city - Auckland, New Zealand and hit next.

3. A code will be sent to your email, and now you just have to add your code!

And that's it - you've submitted a request to Daniel Caesar. 

It will literally take about 38 seconds - trust me, I've tested it.

Get your friends and whānau to do it and I reckon we could make this happen - LITERALLY EVERY REQUEST COUNTS!

In case you needed any more convincing, here's the likely set list:

Daniel Caesar's setlist: 

  1. Ocho Rios
  2. Let Me Go
  3. Toronto 2014
  4. Disillusioned
  5. Loose
  7. Do You Like Me?
  8. Violet
  10. OPEN UP
  11. Japanese Denim
  12. Best Part
  13. Please Do Not Lean
  14. Pain Is Inevitable
  15. Shot My Baby
  16. Superpowers
  17. Always
  18. Cool
  19. Get You
  20. Streetcar

Yup, new songs as well as songs from his older albums and EPs. 

Now IMAGINE hearing this live - how gooooood!

This could be us Daniel, but you're not touring here...

Daniel Caesar kicks off his show with an absolute tune 'Ocho Rios', followed by one of my favourite songs from his latest album Never Enough -  'Let Me Go'.

Imagine the nostalgia of singing 'Japanese Denim' and 'Best Part' back to back, word for word with everyone in the place.

I am really bad with lyrics, but I have jammed these songs with my cousin so much that I know every word! He could hand me the mic over for H.E.R.'s part at the show and I could sing it all.

His last show in the U.S. is today (19.10.23), and the next show is directly in Melbourne, Australia next month on November 25! There's a month and week between those two dates, surely he could pop in NZ before his Aussie tour, do a show here, and then continue his scheduled tour? 

Thank YOU in advance!  Here's the LINK.