Rita Ora flusters to snatch Marley Sola after his 'mind blowing' audition on 'The Voice AU'

Rita Ora flusters to snatch Marley Sola after his 'mind blowing' audition on 'The Voice AU'

"I’m married to a half Samoan man, so..."

Marley Sola is an extremely talented singer from right here in Aotearoa, and he has proved this again after turning four chairs with his 'mindblowing' audition on 'The Voice Australia'. 

If you didn’t already know, Marley was 1/5 of the Ōtautahi boy band ‘Moorhouse’, which was formed during the first season of X-Factor New Zealand back in 2012.

Marley most recently auditioned solo on the new season of ‘The Voice AU’ with his rendition of Stevie Wonder's 'Ribbon In The Sky', and with his powerful vocals, he obviously turned all four of the judges' chairs!

Straight out the gate of his performance, the reaction from the judges shows just how shocked they were at his control and pitch. 

Judge Jessica Mauboy was the first to turn, but it wasn't long until Guy Sebastian, Jason Derulo, and Rita Ora all pressed their buttons, turning to see who was behind the beautiful vocals.  

He received standing ovations from all the judges who wanted to snatch him for their team! 

“You literally blew me away with that performance,” Jessica told Marley. 

“I mean, I’m floored man. I had an incredible time hearing your gift,” Jason added. 

“Marley, you are why I did this show this year. It’s that pure voice that makes it worthwhile as a coach. Wow, thank you,” Guy thanked Marley. 

This song is even more special, as Guy sang the exact same song when he first auditioned on 'Australian Idol' back in 2003.

20 years ago, seven-year-old Marley watched Guy perform that very song that changed Guy’s life forever. Since then it's always been a dream of Marley's to sing it for his idol.

And that's exactly what they did. The highlight of the audition was Marley sharing the stage with Guy as they duetted ‘Ribbon In The Sky’ together.

“Can we do that more?” Guy asked Marley after the special performance. 

Another highlight definitely was the rest of the judges trying to pitch for Marley to join their team - despite knowing there was "no chance".

It was pretty obvious what team Marley was going to join.

Since Marley is half-Samoan, Jason Derulo tried swaying him on his team by showing off his Samoan tattoo and letting him know that one of his security guards is Samoan too. 

“So we’re kind of like family” Jason attempted convincing in his pitch.

Our sis Rita for a second completely forgot what ethnicity her husband Taika Waititi is, as she was flustered to get Marley on her team.

“I’m married to half a Samoan man so,” Rita Ora tells Marley. 

Ayeee, last time we checked, Taika Waititi was Māori!

We really can't wait to see what happens next for Marley on 'The Voice', and we wish him all the best for his journey in the comp!