Kiwi comedian Joey Daymond's crack up presentation on the NZ rendition of 'The Incredibles'

Kiwi comedian Joey Daymond's crack up presentation on the NZ rendition of 'The Incredibles'

If they ever make a live-action, they better hit up Joey D!

Big ups to Joey D for making this great pitch which we hope to see it in the big screens some day!

Comedian Joey Daymond created a PowerPoint presentation on 'If the Incredibles Live Action movie was made in New Zealand', sharing the new name of the movie, characters,  who's been casted and the individual back story of the characters. 

The moment it got to the second slide and he said that it's going to be called 'The All Goods' because we don't say "It's incredible or something, we say yo f*** it's all goods", Yup SOLD!

So instead of the Parr family, it's called the Pā family. 

Moving on to the casting, the first character is of Mr Incredible aka Robert "Bob" Parr whose name will be changed to Bobby Pā, and of course, he's now Mr. All Good.

The actor he's chosen for this role is Aotearoa's pride Taika Waititi. The reasoning and the backstory are so crack up yet so very true!

The slide reads:

"We're not gonna try to make it an American version, he won't have to get muscly as or any weird shit like that. The tall poppy syndrome has meant you're not allowed to be like that. Nah, Bobby Pā is skinny as but strong as like every Māpro from East Coast".

Bobby  Pā's super strength gets activated after he downs one beer at a local fishing club or RSA.

Next up is Helen Parr aka Elasti-Girl who's Helen Parr and Elasti -wahine. 

Elasti-wahine is Pakeha/Maori and her backstory is as follows:

"Despite being brought up where horses crip walk and you have to wear a top hat, she assimilated to Maori culture and is as the Tihei Mauri Ora as a pakeha mum can be. Whilst she still does white mum shit like have the urge to buy a bach, drink wine at midday and let kids boyfriends/ girlfriends stay the night, she still learnt her pepeha and put all the kids in kohanga reo". 

Yesss Aunty Helen!

Eldest daughter Parr who's now 'Waireti Pā' will be played by Grace Palmer. 

Unlike Violet, Waireti is in uni, studying Communications at AUT. She struggles with her biracial identity as a Maori and Pakeha woman therefore her powers favouring her and working perfectly.

"She can turn invisible when people pronounce Taupo like Towel-Po, and she can put up a forcefield when someone asks what part of South Auckland she grew up in."

Dash Parr is now Tere Pā played by Damian McKenzie. 

This is his description:

"Tere whilst being a white Maori is straight tuturu whakamaua kia tina. His first words were "upto c***" and his catch phrase is "later bol".

The youngest member of The All Good Family - Jack Jack Parr will be Son Son Pā played by his actual nephew Jensen.

Jensen's getting the role to save some moolah from the production budget. 

"We will be able to save on the production if we get my nephew to do it. He won't ask to get paids as lng as I just tell him its time to hang out with uncle and he'll be none the wiser"

"My nephew and godson is not classically trained in theatre nor acting, he is 3, he does know how to say the f word though" well perfect casting. 

Petition to bring this idea to the movies!

Viewers have absolutely loved this idea.

"It's the backstories for me! take my money!" one wrote.

"Hahaha im 1000% sold on this" another wrote. 

"Yooo I’d watch that movie 😂😂 frozone can be played by temuera Morrison his super suit is a red and black flannel 😂😂" a third wrote.