We tried McDonald's new chicken nugget sauces and can see why people sell them for thousands

We tried McDonald's new chicken nugget sauces and can see why people sell them for thousands

I'm not lying when I say it's actually mean!

For as long as I can remember I’ve dunked my McDonald’s chicken nuggets in their iconic sweet ‘n’ sour sauce, but nothing lasts forever. Maccas has just launched two new sauces for a limited time only, and one of them truly has the potential to take the sauce throne.

Szechuan sauce and curry sauce are the two (sorta) new options. Don’t get me wrong, the Szechuan is fine - it’s “like a sweeter soy sauce” as one of my fellow Mai crew said. But the real smash hit revelation is the curry. 

The last time Maccas sold Szechuan sauce that stuff was reselling on TradeMe for up to NZ$1000. So yeah, might want to hold on to at least one container. 

A revolution in the form of a 25ml punnet of sauce is never expected, but once I dipped the nuggie in I was fully onboard. Tasting of a sweet curry (with a hint of butter chicken in it), something about the new McSauce just hits when it coats the universally beloved Maccas chicken nugget. 

Unfortunately, the new flavours are only here for a limited time, so sweet ‘n’ sour will still hold it down in the future. But for now, I will be consuming the curry sauce constantly. 

It’s been forty years since Maccas introduced sweet ‘n sour sauce to their menu. Such a reign at the top is truly commendable. It’s older than ‘The Simpsons’, Tetris, and the MTV Music Awards. Honestly, it’s up there in terms of the length spent running this shit. 

And it seriously deserves that long run. all I’m saying is that it finally has some competition - so I’m sorry to whoever’s behind during my next excursion to the drive-thru, as I will be hesitating when asked what sauce I want. 

If you don’t even like nuggets (get your tastebuds checked), still try the new sauces, I’m sure they go with anything.

Like one of the 200 insane burgers that are available in Wellington next month. Curry sauce wouldn’t even make the top ten weirdest ingredients used in those burgers.