The Mai Morning Crew teamed up with ASB to flex their budgeting muscles

The Mai Morning Crew teamed up with ASB to flex their budgeting muscles

The Mai Morning Crew tell us how they managed to budget for the week with ASB.
26 June 2023 1:35PM

ASB and the Mai promo team set the Mai Morning Crew a challenge to budget for a week with $1,000 cash. The catch? Save as much as they possibly could so whatever was leftover by the end of the week could go to a lucky listener! Storme managed to budget by only spending $116, Tegs only spent $76, then low and behold, FAME WAS THE BEST BUDGETER BY SPENDING $0 (due to a technicality)!!! Our lucky winner Kelly from Kawerau backed Fame all the way and managed to win the leftover cash which totalled to $2754!

Wanna know how they did it? We hit up the Morning Crew for some budgeting tips to see how they managed to get through the week.


  • I took a few simple budgeting steps to help me manage my budget over the week! I made sure I kept track of what I was spending throughout the week to help me plan out how I could use my remaining funds for the week. I literally wrote this down so I could visually see what I spent & what I have left.
  • I had to fill up my car at one point but I've only filled half the tank as I knew that's all I would need till my next payday. No need to put in a full tank if I don't need it!


  • Thankfully I don't drive, so I could save heaps of money on petrol! I would usually take the bus, but throughout this week I decided to carpool with my ole mate Storme (so I didn't have to spend any money!).
  • I made sure I ate at home every night There was a lot of food that had been sitting in my pantry for a while, so this was the perfect opportunity to make some delicious kai! I found an app where I could enter the ingredients I had in my pantry, and it would give me an entire meal I could make.


  • I may not have been the best budgeter out of the Mai Morning Crew, but I still put my budgeting skills to the test! When I had to fill up my car, I checked out "Gaspy" - an app that shows you the cheapest petrol you can get on your trip home! I managed to save 4 cents a litre which is still pretty good when it comes to filling up your car!
  • When I did my supermarket shop, I often keep an eye out for cheap deals and managed to lock in some delicious soups that were 2 for $5! That sussed me for lunch and dinner for a couple of days. Make sure you keep an eye out for those deals, whānau!

Shot to ASB for helping the Mai Morning Crew make every step count with their budgeting goals.

For more tips, tools, and expert guidance to help you manage the rising cost of living, visit the ASB Cost of Living Navigator here. Every step counts in helping you stay on track. Cost of Living Navigator | ASB