Shaun Johnson wants Kiwis to get involved in a Pilates sesh this Saturday for Men’s Health Week

Shaun Johnson wants Kiwis to get involved in a Pilates sesh this Saturday for Men’s Health Week

Pilates is apparently a big reason why SJ is what he is.

The man, the myth, the legend Shaun Johnson is keen for Kiwis to get involved with a bit of Pilates, since that plays a major role in him being so good. 

It’s International Men’s Health Week, so SJ’s keen to share the workout secrets that help him be an absolute weapon on the field. He’s teamed up with STRONG Pilates to hold a community day based on his workout routine. 

“I understand the importance of wellbeing to excel in my sport; having that balanced lifestyle is so important," Shaun said about Pilates. "The mind-body connection I get from Pilates exercises allows me to focus on breathing and mental resilience, while also helping to maintain my physical health."

"It’s been a massive part of my journey and I’m looking forward to sharing it with whoever will listen ha!”

Taking place at Strong’s studios in Auckland and Christchurch this Saturday (17th June), locals can book and bring in a male friend for free to get involved in a partnered workout. 

SJ even shared some fitness tips and tricks for Men’s health week. 

“My top tip for health and fitness would definitely be to prepare,” he said. “When you know what you’re doing and why you’re doing it you get so much more out of it.”

“If you wanna have a strong workout, you wanna be dialled in. You wanna know why you’re in there, with purpose. I really feel like that’s when you get the most bang for your buck.”

Shaun also said that the best way to be better is simply having the kahunas to get started on it. 

“The advice I’d give to people who are looking to improve where they’re at physically and mentally would just be to take that first step. Part of being strong is putting yourself out there.”

“Sometimes it can be a little bit daunting but I can’t encourage you enough to take that first step. Once you do it, you watch it flow, you watch it all come back to you and never look back.”

Cheers Shaunyyyy. If you missed it, Johnson was instrumental in the Warriors beating the Raiders this past weekend. Huge bombs, setting up and scoring tries, and even putting a big hit on - it really is Shaun Johnson’s year. 

If you want to get involved with that Pilates class, you can head to STRONG Pilate’s website.