Māori dad goes to fine dining restaurant for first time and his reactions are crack-up

Māori dad goes to fine dining restaurant for first time and his reactions are crack-up

"Half fascinated and half hōhā."

One Māori dad craving some quality kai had some crack-up reactions when being served his food at a fine dining restaurant. 

Posted to TikTok by @julesrangi, the bro does not hide his confusion, shock, and even disgust as the waiter takes a blowtorch to one of his meals and demonstrates how to use a big Viking horn for another. 

“These Pākehā tutu with their food too much,” the caption reads. 

Commenters on the TikTok, which has been viewed almost 800k times and liked by over 87k people, are cracking up at the faces the dad is making and sharing what they reckon he’s thinking. 

“Papa is half fascinated and half hōhā,” one commenter wrote. 

“Poor matua didn’t expect a whole tutorial,” another said. “Lol, the look of ‘Why didn’t you fellas do all this before bringing it out to me’.”

“Looks like he wants her to leave him and his food alone” a third added. 

“Bro's like ‘God damn, just give me the kai!!’,” one more wrote. 

Another fella that went viral for his reactions to some out there food was a young Kiwi diver. 

The kid goes by Māori Moa on his social accounts, and he posted a video of him picking up a kina, chucking it straight in his mouth and slurping it down like it’s nothing

“Better feed that to the dog,” he wrote in the caption of the TikTok which has racked in a massive 2.2 million likes and 41 million views. 

His whole TikTok is jam-packed with him hunting, cracking open, and eating the Kina. 

Commenters on his videos had the same reaction as the dad at the fine dining restaurant - some mixture of puzzled, intrigued, and/or disgusted. 

I say good on the dad for trying some new food, even if it is a bit over the top, he gave it a go. Yeeyah.