Taika Waititi and Rita Ora share truth of how they met and the surprising celeb we should thank

Taika Waititi and Rita Ora share truth of how they met and the surprising celeb we should thank

“Everyone thinks we met in Australia..."

Taika Waititi and Rita Ora have opened up about the early days of their relationship, the surprising mutual celebrity friend that brought the two of them together and how growing up on different sides of the world actually brought the two of them closer.


In an interview with Louis Theroux, Rita and Taika launched right into explaining their long-term friendship before things turned official.

Taika explained: “We’ve actually known each other for years before we got together.”

“Everyone thinks we met in Australia last year but you know who brought her to my house? Robert Pattinson. Batman. He brought her over.”

The ‘Next Goal Wins’ director mentioned that he was hosting a BBQ years ago when Rita tagged along and they immediately felt a connection.

“We were in different relationships, both of us, every time we hung out we would just catch up where we left off, it was a good friendship,” said.

“And then we decided to ruin it all.”

The star went on to reveal the truths about their relationship including how they first bonded, despite growing up on other sides of the world.

“We grew up poor, [in] working-class families. Her dad owned pubs and she hung out in pubs a lot when she was a kid and my mum worked in pubs and a lot of my family loved being in a pub so ... I was in pubs a lot when I was a kid, like all through my childhood,” he laughed.

The star also compared his Māori upbringing and how his community feels very similar to Ora’s Albanian community, claiming their “sensibilities are quite aligned”.

Theroux also asked Waititi if he felt more aware of being in the spotlight since his relationship with Ora became public. Waititi joked that it was the opposite, but quickly admitted that the constant photos and attention can be overwhelming.

Taika and Rita confirmed their nuptials earlier this year when Ora was promoting her new single ‘You Only Love Me’.

At the time A source said the couple's wedding ceremony was "really intimate" and "super special for everyone there".

The insider added: "Despite living in the spotlight, Rita is determined to keep the relationship as private as possible and didn’t want to make a big song and dance about the wedding.

I mean, you can’t blame them for wanting their privacy, but it’s great to see the pair appearing more comfortable sharing their relationship with the public